Wednesday, May 23


Hold on.
Hold on still.
Don't let go.
Hold back.
It's tough, I know.
Grind your teeth.
Hold your breath.
Let it rise
Let it fall.
Watch it burn
like hellfire
through your veins.
It will pass
let it go.
This thirst.
Don't reach out
just yet.
Don't relapse.
Don't forget.
This addiction
has no cure.
In this drug,
lies no salvation.
It will kill
Some call it love.
Some, obsession.


March was tight.
April was tough.
May is bad awfully.
This year is not even
halfway through
But I am so spent

Sunday, April 1


It is not fair
that we ache thus,
It is not fair
we came this far
unable to reach out,
or get through.
Only each other to love.
Only each other to blame.
Only each other to let go off.
Only each other to hold onto.
Look now, what's left of us -
Only each other,
falling apart.

Sunday, March 18


The chance
that we gave each other
was a half chance.
At best.
And so the distance
between us,
is the sum total
of all the half steps
we never took.
Maybe because we loved
each other half-heartedly.
And we decided to fold
when we should have gone
all in.


There is an ocean of rum
between us.
I drown to stay afloat
while you judge me
from the shore.

Wednesday, January 31


There isn't much to write today
except perhaps to say
another day, yet another day
when all the love I need
is knowing you still miss me
just a little more quietly
from just a little further away.

Thursday, January 4


A search ends
when our gaze finds rest
in each other's eyes.
A home, away from home.
Even if
for a fleeting moment
or two.
And it doesn't seem
so futile anymore,
this whole life
that I kept looking
for you.