Tuesday, January 30


dreams are shattered and illusions fade,
all your reality is long dead.

its been raining all night,
the sky is dark resonating your plight.
there's no sunshine no warmth no shade
and theres no room for your splitting head.

"vast vast meadows but there’s no grass,
limitless sky but where are my stars?
where are the promises
that have brought me this far?"

a stranger you walk as a stranger still,
lost and lonely in a strangeness you want to kill.

the walk turns to run,
in search of a sun.
in search of love and
nothing in return.

and in the freedom of running bereft of reason ,
there rises the sun behind your horizon.
its there but you cannot see,
you're only running towards the sea.

you reach the shore,
and you can run no more.
In solitude and freedom what hits your gaze,
is the setting sun in its golden haze.

its getting dark but u still havent gone;
its dusk,but for you its dawn.
to life a deeper meaning you find,
a meaning apart from the meaning you grind..

you dont have to run, you dont have to flee,
the sunshine's there, if you choose to see.