Friday, November 23


This post has come so late that I can’t help but resign to the feeling that it’s stale. Now, that’s not how you want to begin a post. Reading or writing it. But truth is, it’s difficult to capture the magic of first showers in the fourth week of monsoons. Time is suitably strange in it’s erosion of emotions but, what follows is the wonderful turn of events that led to love across the blog desert. A little hard to believe, so maybe, writing it in retrospect will help me align myself with the fact that yeah, I’m in love.

This blog has been a beautiful window into the lives of so many people. And they’re all like mirages. You know them, but you don’t quite know them. You relate to these people at times, at times their posts are right out of your mind and gradually, what happens is, somehow, in whatever miniscule way they become a part of your life. You begin seeing the broad spectrum of life through their eyes. Through their words. Their trials and tribulations, their ups and downs somehow transcend the barriers of semantics and you, unknowingly start feeling happy and sad for them. Rather, happy and sad with them. But it’s a window nonetheless, and these are real people in an unreal world.

She was one such mirage. And well, interesting one at that. I don’t quite know how I ended up meeting her. Okay, it had to do with comments that spilled over to mailboxes, smart retorts, wordplay, endless repartees and all of that. Basically intellectual warfare of the copywriter kind. She had just moved into Bombay a couple of months back and we were on each other’s blog for quite sometime before that. I wasn't exactly sure if it was prudent to extend this familiarity beyond blogs. I was in ways, seeing her new life unfold in this city through her blog. Gradually the familiarity grew on it's own to an extent that mutually demanded a reprieve from the virtual. And so for once, i thought it’s not such a bad idea to step out of the blog really. Also the twenty two year old adult male mind has it's own take that says, this chick is witty and interesting and well, also, insightful when she wants to be, so how bad could it possibly be. (i'll use the chick term sparingly hence) She incorrectly inferred likewise and one fine day, we decided to meet over some cheesecakes and cheap alcohol.

Firstly, I thought she was either a bit too brave or a bit too naïve to be meeting a complete stranger, in a city where she is a complete stranger herself. On my part when you meet strangers, you do your research, plan your back-ups and escape routes and if the whiff of adventure does the same things to you, that it does to me, you jump right in. Now you see, my social circles are blissfully oblivious to the location of this blog. A Saturday evening, meeting someone from the blog, forsaking regular weekending and not revealing the url were all active ingredients in a hot soup of curiosity. Responses ranged from
“What if she is a suicidal chick who is suffering from acute acne and depression?”
to the simple
“You have a blog? What’s the url? How come you never told us?”
to the basic
“What is a blog?”

Thankfully i had a hunch on this one, and that's all i needed to deviate from a regulation Saturday evening that wasn't to be consumed with consumption, soccer or socialising. It was an evening of C’s. Coincidence. Coffee. Conversation. Cheap alcohol (not really) and yes Cheesecakes. The last one left at half-shutter down Theobroma. She wasn’t suicidal. Nor thus far, acne ridden or awfully depressed. She was everything else. All that I could imagine. All that I couldn’t. It’s strange, you're not certain what you want from life, and then, suddenly you find yourself on the threshhold of all that you ever wanted, however subconsciously. It’s a bit overwhelming to the extent of disbelief at times. Life is so full and happy, and you wonder with a cup so full, what do you spill to fill some love? But Providence, sweet providence. It gives you another cup and two straws. Everyday since, i'm living bit a more. Breathing the same, but the lungs fill up with a bit more air.

There are wonderful stories about wonderful lives, but I had no clue that love would script mine It’s got everything that gets you incredibly high. There’s fun. Sometimes too much of it. There’s romance that can make you dizzy enough to see stars in daylight. There’s craziness and in no mean proportions. There's poetry, there's prose and there's humour in a heavy dose. There are words in as many languages. Who cares about perfecting linguistics when the grammar is purely cardiac? And then of course, there’s love. So much of it, so perfect and so beautiful. What else do you expect when a couple of wild and reckless romantics are hopelessly subservient to a celestial conspiracy that entwines their lines of fate? “Your face is your fortune” someone said the first time we met, waiting outside a popular Colaba eatery. Over a month since, I think Maybe.

Sometimes, a click is all it takes to change two lives forever.

Monday, November 12

First set, first game, Love all.

I'm in love and i'm tongue tied by time. I wish i could tell you how wonderful it is. And well, this blog has been instrumental. I love each one of you, each one i read. I haven't written here much, atleast not as much as this blog deserves to know. I haven't been reading a lot of you recently as well. All apologies, but in a week, once done with certain academic misadventures i'll let this blog in on the most wonderful and elevating feeling one can ever experience. It finally descends down to my heart after years of trials and tribulations in my head. And well, Diwali is over, but at four am that night, i lit myself the brightest lamp i ever had. Okay, i almost blew it, but then, i didn't for once. And i wish each one of you, the near perfect script of Providence that i'm playing out right now. Not an inch less, but miles more. That's all i have to say this Diwali. Give me a week, roughly, and i'll tell you about the most magical story that my romantic faculties could never foretell or foresee. But now it's mine.

When the music's over, she says she'll sing me a song. But the music has only begun, and it won't be over for long.

Thursday, November 1

I tell you that i'm in love looking right into your eyes
and you look right back at me saying "thank you"
and then, you smile.
unadulterated by age, barely three
you have the right response to a wrong plea.
maybe next time, i'll get you to fall in love with me.