Monday, December 17

Smiley Romeo

He fell in love with my girlfriend, like i fell in love with her.

Ofcourse he only had her smile and that had him besotted all the way from Marine Drive to Dadar till we got off. And me, she gives me a million reasons to fall in love and i'm still counting. You know it's the most wonderful feeling to walk around with your girl, and she's glowing in her candescence like she always does. You think your eyes are lovelit in the soft glow of yellow that makes her shine. Then you see people look at her.
When i'm in the mood for fun, i look back at them. Each one. I bear them no grudge, it's just fun to make it known to them- they are also being looked at. Stared red-handed. They look at you and then quickly look elsewhere. Most as a rule, stealthily look back to see if you're still looking at them. I suitably oblige with a smile. Some return an embarassed one. Some consciously try to unlook. The leches get a hard stare back, the innocuous ones get a smile.

Our boy was simply besotted. He'd try to hide his gaze and i wouldn't let him. I think he hoped i left him alone, just let him be. Must have been eighteen or nineteen i guess, could've been older. And he was falling in love with her beautiful smile, like everyone who has ever seen it. Sitting right across our seats in a fairly empty Sunday night local, i think he got too conscious of his melting heart and our gaze. He was blushing. Poor little chap, what did you do to him Sangy? I think his name would have been Shahnawaz or Anwar. Could have been. We'll simply call him Romeo. He left when he realised he was getting too obvious. Left to stand by the door, looking outside the train is a chance distraction compared to what distracted him inside. I think he missed looking at our lady so he went quietly walked across to the other door. He'd look outside and then try to steal a glance. Everytime i got him, he'd return a smile.
Embarassed, helpless, charmed.

The slow train lazily creeped past each platform on it's idyllic Sunday night ride. A few would get into our compartment, very few would get off. And Romeo would heave a sigh of content relief for every station that left us without us leaving the train. A few more glances it meant for him. A few more for me. Then came Dadar. And disappointment. Perhaps. Because we did go and stand right next to him albeit for a few dying seconds before the train would suspend it's motion. And he couldn't help his eyes.

We got off and walked towards the exit. And then i just thought i'd look back at Romeo once. He was yearning for one last glance. I looked at him and couldn't help being amused. And he realised that i was having fun. Actually, i just felt for him. But Romeo, it's not wise to lose your heart over twenty minutes to someone else's girlfriend. Yeah she's charming but what did you get in return? Us fading into the crowd while you looked on with ardent hope? Actually a bit more. I told her about Romeo and she looked back while we were walking away. She broke into her usual giggle and Romeo grinned ear to ear. The train gave him time for just that. Then it left. We left. But i was walking back with you.

That evening there were actually two people falling in love with you Sangs. One for the first time and one, all over again. Like he always does. You'll forgive the habitual offender won't you for empathising with the first timer?

This is your post. The cornflakes are mine but you have a sweet tooth. Forgive me for the diabetic content because i know Romeo never will.

Tuesday, December 11

Like two plus two

Havent rhymed in a while
just held on to a smile
these days it isn't always mine
that's how i want to end this line.

Friday, December 7

Postman diaries

Not being on the blog enough. It's not your complaint any more, it's mine too.

Can't make the excuse of being busy, the whole world is. Can't make the excuse of being lazy, it doesn't count as an excuse. Shouldn't be making excuses in the first place.. but if truth be told, i hope i find a broker for time. Could really do with a few more holy hours each day. Infact, everytime i sit to write here, i realise there's a connect that's missing all the time i'm not writing. Excuse this for being another long one, but let's look back, or rather look into life over the fortnight. Two weeks have zipped past so soon that i almost need to write this one to ease the cramps in my head. Have been running too much and resting too little, having no clue where i'm getting.

Sunday IIFT.
It wasn't an exam i was too gung-ho about. Okay, it passes off as a B-school in the higher rungs of listings so i got myself a prospectus. Didn't really like the prospectus too much, except the placement details. Specifically starting offers. Ideally, the worst approach for an applicant. I don't disclaim it. Spending a grand on the form, steaming off from a strictly okay CAT and with nothing better to do on a Sunday morning, i thought i'd waste some more money by going and writing the paper. How i ended up writing it after leaving home is a different post altogether, but it just flagged off a couple of weeks of shit load of work that i couldn't really bunk. Unlike the exam i wanted to.

Two Weeks of Timelessness.
What followed the academic Sunday excursion is something that's lingering on. Now personal revelations suggest a more fruitful outcome to b-school entry routines if invested in with some more resolve, but work just explodes to a scale that consumes every bit of personal time and space. Even the time and space that ordains a rethink on the work scenario.

Last week.
A beautiful weekend spent in a beautiful city, in beautiful weather with beautiful people. And person. Two days don't get much better. Then, there's a hardhitting week, being tossed around in life's frying pan with all the wrong spices. Bheja Fry. But it's okay, it's life with all it's intrigues and it's wonderful.

You see, sometimes the only way to be in life is to be happy.. It's fluffy and easy to say so, but i think deep down i know, it's a choice we all get to make. Sometimes, it's a difficult choice to make. But it's a choice nevertheless. Whether it leads to an outcome different from the flow of time, i can't really say. Each figures out on their own. I did. I was smiling through the week. Only now, i do with more reason. Most issues have sorted themselves to gift me a pleasant weekend. No exams, no work. No pending mental cheques to be cleared. Just impending madness of the harmless kind.

Come to think of it, i'm glad i made that choice. Doesn't really change your quota of bad luck, but makes life simpler.

Awrite, i'm done being Dale Carnegie, now lets get plastered this weekend. Hope you have a good one too. Cheers all.

P.S : Computer undergoing bypass surgery, blogging from work.. so don't take the ranting too seriously.