Tuesday, June 10

Never back until again.

This blog isn't having any fun. Let's swing. Tee-off into another series of wordly misadventures that have been conspicuous by their absence from this blog. I'm trying to not fall into the probish
trap saying how this blog needs to live again and wondering if the words are running dry, but we have drifted apart indeed. My blog and me.

The suspended dialogue will resume, but tell me how have you been? Each one. The Readers. The not-so readers, hoppers, trippers and the peepers. How is life?

It's a season of change with the monsoons hitting Bombay and i'm mildly tired of how Alternate Perception looks. Probably more so because it wears the same posts till they get stale, but let's try something new. Don't quite know what it is. Yet.

I'm off to Delhi tonight, leaving the wonderful monsoons back in Bombay. It's nice to be a complete stranger in a city you know very nothing about. Four days of new streets, new places and new people, spent with only the most familiar one. Sometimes it's a sin to fall in love with a city. You might know you'll have to leave it sometime, but you never know if it'll ever leave you. It's time to see Delhi with her eyes.

A vacation, finally. And the intimidating prospect of getting to know the family that predominantly consists of dominating women. Mostly.

Tuesday, June 3

A high after the hangover’s gone
Is watching you wake up to dawn.