Monday, June 29

the bad goodbye

I'd be gone nowhere without you
just living in a different mile
counting the length of every hour
and the distance between our smiles

Thursday, June 11

status update

Everything remains the same. Just a different place, from a different machine. I'm moving to Bangalore tommorow for 2 years. It's the MBA. The preceding chaos and hectic schedule have ensured i haven't had much time to speak here, but things will change in a week's time. I expect to be writing more often about things i wanted to often say. Already beginning to miss the most special one, two years is a long distance with heart too heavy to travel. This blog will now trace the locus of our journeys over the coming months and i promise i'll do my best to keep it safe from the b-school rant. Love and cheers, and until we meet again. Goodbye.