Saturday, September 25

i'm obsessed with beautiful people
and their beautiful eyes
and the beauty with which
they bat their eyelids
to cover up their lies

Tuesday, September 14

since then

When i first started writing this blog, i had no idea what i wanted it to be. I was wondering if any of it was me. or un-me. I revelled in its obscurity and anonymity. It should be more about the music, than the musician. Or so i felt. More about the words than where it came from. All i wanted to do was ride with words. Wherever they took me. And i found synonyms. Of expression and of soul. I started communicating with words scattered across blogs. Words that coalesced together to form identities. people. personalities. friends. I've loved each one of them. One of them i've fallen in love with. At times when i'm dry of posts, i wonder if i'm relevant to this blog anymore. Or vice-versa. But there is stillness in this space. It's like the lakeside. Something that pre-existed facebook and twitter. Something that's more about reflections than projections. Especially when life is taking turns more dynamic than its motion. So much has changed between me at twenty-two and twenty-five that sometimes, i need to string the posts together and trace the locus of where it all began. In six months i'll be done with the b-school. Sometimes i wish i could press a rewind button. Or Pause. I thought i'd sort myself in two years but i'm coming off it with greater confusion. I need to reconnect. And recover.

Thursday, September 2

dim, dim lights.

I've scattered myself all over the place, over the last so many months. I'll start putting it all back together. I fear this course will end quicker than i thought i'd take to sort myself. Homecoming, tonight. Late evening.