Tuesday, December 17


today i popped that magic pill
my mouth is dry
and i feel lighter within
there is no pain
no thought of disdain
and no rabid urge
to wander in vain.
i've found that hill top
kissed by clouds
where my grave'd be still
and the wind would be loud
i'll never be able to live here
here i'd love to die
it holds the promise of peace
that i've always struggled to find.
my silence was in my words
when they're gone, you'd know
there's more that was left unsaid
because the silence couldn't grow.
i'll find a way to sleep
for all the nights in-between, until;
some days i'll trust my fatigue
other days i'll trust the pill.

Saturday, December 14


too much has changed in Bombay for me.
too much has changed in me for Bombay.

Monday, November 4


It would have been a little incomplete, without a few words here. Static blue lights on a quiet blue terrace. Modi Towers is hidden in haze. So is rest of Nehru Place. The crackling is sparse, distant and mellow. China is blinking through LEDs. My lamps are dry, but the marigold and its dispersed petals will wait until sunrise. There is no wind and the trees are sinfully still. The Jamaican rum has run its course, back home there'll be a half bottle of white wine. Fireworks still over my head, and the hustle of flower pots, still within my ears. Cool air kisses my nostrils with gunpowder in every breath. I can hear the aircrafts now, perhaps the night has really gone cold. My terrace is dark, lit up, but still. I am soaking it all in. It's Diwali, in its most special hour. When my heart is full and I am happy. Love, to everyone who reads. More to those who still write. Wishing you loads of joy and peace. May you see the shining lights in the darkest of nights within.

Friday, October 18

star crossed

every time i look at you
i fall in love anew
with your crooked smile
slender fingers, dark circles
underneath crystal green eyes
your tender shoulders
and soft pink feet
and the way your purr
when i kiss you in sleep
sunshine changes colours
along the contours of your curl
while you're lost in magic dreams
just like a little girl
i fall in love every time
you nervously lick your lips
or stretch your hands
with cursive grace
of the poetic persian script
you're as beautiful
as beauty can be
so i keep falling in love
effortlessly, helplessly.
i've been in love with you,
a million times before
and in a million different lives
we couldn't reach the shore
perhaps there is a karmic twist
that runs through our destiny
there's more to the tragedy of truth
in my canine love for your felinity.

Monday, September 23


fifteen days in Mumbai
five in Delhi
two in Lucknow
counting in Kolkata
Ranchi and Guwahati to follow
where did i come from
where will i go
and why

Friday, August 30


for what if another stab
still doesn't kill
the poison will
the poison will

Thursday, August 15

merely mindless

what draws you to that flower
whose thorns still stick to your bones
what fleeting fragrance
what promise of bloom
what amnesic addiction to pain
makes your forget its septic sting
or is it merely, mindless love
and the hope of change it brings.

Friday, August 2


you have taken the liberty of death away from me
and i wonder how many lives it'll be
before i'm absolved of this crippling misery
for the one last time, one last night
when i can die again, in peace. peacefully.

Sunday, July 21


Just to remember this rainy Saturday, 20 days into July.

Wednesday, July 3

road rhyme

And that what used to be home
is now fragmented sleep
in aircrafts
long roads
hotel rooms
unknown beds
and half homes
so i keeping moving
in order to get rest

Wednesday, June 19


Dusk struggles to descend on the coniferous slopes of Shimla. It's almost eight but the red blot from sunset refuses to smudge into the blue. And the blue refuses to darken, unkeeping it's promise to this hour. I have a room that stares into this celestial treachery. Summer solstice does betray the sleepy habit of hills. 

Saturday, March 16


Every word is still fragrant with that sweet scent of familiarity.
Only now, the words are sparse.The scent is scant.
And our reflections are different
from the shadows of we.