Friday, October 18

star crossed

every time i look at you
i fall in love anew
with your crooked smile
slender fingers, dark circles
underneath crystal green eyes
your tender shoulders
and soft pink feet
and the way your purr
when i kiss you in sleep
sunshine changes colours
along the contours of your curl
while you're lost in magic dreams
just like a little girl
i fall in love every time
you nervously lick your lips
or stretch your hands
with cursive grace
of the poetic persian script
you're as beautiful
as beauty can be
so i keep falling in love
effortlessly, helplessly.
i've been in love with you,
a million times before
and in a million different lives
we couldn't reach the shore
perhaps there is a karmic twist
that runs through our destiny
there's more to the tragedy of truth
in my canine love for your felinity.