Tuesday, December 17


today i popped that magic pill
my mouth is dry
and i feel lighter within
there is no pain
no thought of disdain
and no rabid urge
to wander in vain.
i've found that hill top
kissed by clouds
where my grave'd be still
and the wind would be loud
i'll never be able to live here
here i'd love to die
it holds the promise of peace
that i've always struggled to find.
my silence was in my words
when they're gone, you'd know
there's more that was left unsaid
because the silence couldn't grow.
i'll find a way to sleep
for all the nights in-between, until;
some days i'll trust my fatigue
other days i'll trust the pill.

Saturday, December 14


too much has changed in Bombay for me.
too much has changed in me for Bombay.