Saturday, May 24


so, I forget who I fell for
and who is the lover you seek

Saturday, May 17

put me to sleep

Run your fingers
through my hair
once again
put me to sleep,
kiss me on my eyelids
and, as you withdraw
your cold breath,
whisper a sweet nothing for me
my ears will hold on to it
until it brings me sleep.
Speak to me
when you think I can't hear
or sing to yourself
like I'm not near;
bring music into my dreams.
Hold me with your soft hands
like yours i'm meant to be
and snuggle into my chest
till you can hear every heartbeat,
slowing down, and slowly.
Put me to sleep, little kitten,
put me soon to sleep;
the night is far too long tonight
and these scars are far too deep.

Friday, May 2


between not wanting to say anything
and not having anything to say
is the river of possibilities
and the bridges we build