Thursday, December 10


language is an unnecessary garb
let silence lone speak
when our bare souls meet.

Friday, July 10

between the lines

a door without a bell
a knob 
or a handle
isn't to keep you outside
nor keep me within
you kept thinking
that i was in love with my silence
and i kept thinking
that you never wanted to come in


when did we become the wheel
that couldn't on stop its own will
nor take the turns it wanted
and when did this comfort of a road
turn into a railway incarceration of steel

Friday, April 24


that moment when all of the universe
is a symphony inside my head
as I look into your baby eyes
lost in the gravity of our bed

and sunshine loses its color on you;
from the blush of pink, to marmalade. 

Monday, April 20


left a message
for the winds to carry
thought they'd find you
before I do.
also put up a chime
on my little window
in case you're thinking
of me too.

Saturday, April 11


In this recess of silence
if a few words become necessary
I'll whisper them to the moon
and hope that its playful charade
also throws light on words
that may or may not have met
the courage of a whisper
but found the shelter of meaning
in the resonance of our thoughts.

Tuesday, February 24


if i struggle so much
to write
what's the point in it

Friday, February 13


just a little bit longer,

made belief
that you came
to see me

just because
you lost your way.

Tuesday, January 20

another red letter day.

so many of those who loved me for no particular reason at all, are going away so quickly that I'm now beginning to count all the reasons there could be, for someone to love me, so unconditionally again.

another loved one lost.