Friday, November 4

old favourite

so close
yet so far
ye lone beacon
that guides me

Tuesday, October 25


Such pure love that has no boundaries. Incessant and limitless. Swells up my heart and floods my veins. Flowing out of my fingertips, into your forehead. With no beginning and no end. As time comes to a standstill, between you falling asleep and me going to sleep.

Tuesday, October 4


there's something that we share
and i can't put a finger on it
you know, i know.
like you get that tune
i'm humming in my head
and i think you can sing along
you know, i know.
there's nothing at all

Thursday, July 21


You're moving away from my dreams.
And my dreams are moving away from me.
Why did we have to grow up so soon?

Tuesday, June 21

leaving behind

jogging at lodi gardens
furnitures at amar colony
beef rolls, nihari at markazi
leisurely strolls to kali bari
weekly rituals at dilli haat
nagaland kitchen & rosang
momos, tea, paan at market 2
export hut at kalkaji
the lawns of humayun's tomb
evening runs at b block park
everything that is karol bagh
roadrash on cycle rickshaws
chawri bazar to ghantewala
through dariba kalan
rabdi at parathewali gali
saag meat at kake's
that big fat tree outside oup
select citywalk, movies at dt
the three roundabouts on ashok road
ywca kitchen, parliament street
pathways to heaven from isbt
gole market, majnu ka tila
govindpuri, sarita vihar
my terrace and the sky.
sometimes, even half a home
is so much to come back to
but you never know about it
until it's time to say good bye

bombay bot

wake up
curse bombay roads
traffic and potholes
poached eggs & coffee
thirty bucks
ten am
outlook, excel.
outlook, excel.
count money, pay bills.
count money again.
outlook, excel.
noon. lunch.
fruits and salads.
nod at small talk.
promotion gossip.
market slowdown.
market share.
shipments, retailing.
fifteen minutes up.
outlook. outlook.
cleartrip, bookmyshow., football news.
outlook, excel.
powerpoint. draft. edit.
edit. outlook. excel.
head to gym.
head to juhu.
head to tingu.
come home hungry as hell.
plan to read, plan to write.
only end up on apps.
call delhi. shit, call delhi.
hear her laugh.
forget everything else.
forget. repeat.

Tuesday, May 10


even a slip
is one step
one step
too far.

Tuesday, March 22

flat 89

The most beautiful few days of the year are here again. Nice, crisp evening breeze brimming with the freshness of spring. Rustling of winter's last few leaves. Not a single speck of cloud on the clear blue canvas of the sky. A near full moon rise, timed near-perfectly to the exact moment of sunset. And slowly, shade by shade, the entire spectrum of colour and light dissolve into the majestic dusk. It'll get perfect over the next two days. At this exact minute on the evening of Holi. And i'll miss this beautiful terrace. And our beautiful little room. And the feeling of wanting to come back to Delhi, because strangely enough, it has started feeling like home.

Monday, February 22

past dues

a raging fire
that burns down sleep
an insatiable thirst
that simmers within
how long must it be
how many more lives
until we meet again
to begin with.

Friday, January 29

moon tan

For every sleepless night we've spent
in the warmth of its silver glow,
the moon poured a bit of itself
into the colour of our souls
that's how you found me
that's how I found you
shining we stood
through the long dark nights of winter
like each other's moon
before waning each day
into the oblivion of our daylight,
and the slumber it brings.