Saturday, December 30

this december

My love for winters in Delhi
is mostly
because it lets me disappear.
In its tombs and gardens
dargahs and temples
highways and bylanes
markets and mohallas,
fading daylight
and rising mist.
A city of strangers
a strange city to love.

Thursday, November 2


All you gave me
was love
when all I was craving for
was your attention.

Saturday, October 21


Sometimes I wonder
how hollow my life would be
if you stop breaking my heart
so effortlessly.

Tuesday, September 12


I don't want to look back
and think of all the things
I could, should, would have done
for every moment we spent apart,
for all the reasons that kept us away.
I want to think of how hard I tried,
every day, every hour,
in everything I did.
Of how I lost myself in you,
but ended up slipping through.

Sunday, July 9


When you return,
you return
my madness to me.
A spring sets into my soul
and everything is easier
once again.
Everything is simpler
everything, more fun.
Like just sitting
and watching tv
or doing the dishes
after tea.
Or just staring
out of the window,
watching the trees
groove in the breeze.
Or doing nothing.
I don't miss you terribly
when you are gone
but everytime you're back
I know what I have been
missing, all along.

Friday, July 7


We're right next to each other
but you need to see
with your eyes closed.

Sunday, February 12


I miss the idea
of having an escape.
Where the world mutes
into the chirping of birds
and the chime ring
of your words.
Where I shut my eyes
and spread my wings
in the comfort and quietude
of your lap.
And so I seek you.
In order to find me.